MSP Outsourcing Service

    Managed Service Provider

    Managed Service Provider is a service of inclusive management of contingent workforce. As a major supplier, ANCOR becomes the point of contact for all questions relating to temporary staff and supplier management. We coordinate all personnel requirements and act as an intermedium with suppliers. 

    As managed service provider, ANCOR offers inclusive solutions that optimize contingent workforce management and increase performance by virtue of people, process and technology. We are responsible for overall program management, tracking performance, supplier selection and management, order distribution and consolidated billing, may also include a physical presence on the client’s site. 

    ANCOR’s advantages: 

    • An optimized process of recruitment
    • Management of supplier performance
    • Specialized business intelligence tools
    • Ensuring long-term program value and savings opportunities 
    • Unified project management model
    • Maintaining the client’s focus on strategic objectives
    • Speed and flexibility of the process: one-window system
    • Consolidated paperwork
    • Centralized control and management costs
    • Ensuring consistent services provided to all clients according to KPI’s
    • Improving the quality of provided services
    Cost-effectiveness is achieved through the development and implementation of the best practices and business rules. Our process efficiency system minimizes costs across the supply chain due to customized procedures such as invoice consolidation, streamlining of application procedures and automatized approval.

    MSP models:

    The Master Vendor model is where vendor takes the responsibility for all recruitment and auxiliary services. ANCOR becomes responsible for ensuring every request is processed through ANCOR.


    • Most effective way to manage a large group of workers at one site.
    • Predictable performance is delivered through unified selection process.
    • Loyalty of single supplier dedicated to meeting client’s requirements.
    • Centralized control and management information.

    In Neutral Vendor Model ANCOR has total responsibility for the fulfilment and management of client requirements. Acting as the process manager, ANCOR is responsible for the effective management of multiple suppliers.


    • Easier to sell internally
    • Vendor neutrality is assured – all suppliers will be confident of terms and conditions of the model
    • The client has access to the full range of contracted recruitment suppliers

    The Blended Model is a hybrid of the Master Vendor and Neutral Vendor Models. In the Blended Model, ANCOR is totally responsible for fulfilment and management of client requirements. 


    • Closely aligned to the business’ needs
    • Able to attract talent from a variety of talent pools
    • Great opportunity for cost saving
    • Motivated supplier base

    We thoroughly establish and maintain relationship with our suppliers to be confident that we have access to the best talent in the marketplace. 

    Our services
    Recruitment process outsourcing is the transfer of recruitment activities to the provider in full or partly (in certain areas, categories of positions, stages of selection process).
    Outsourcing HR Functions is the transfer of the administration and operating management of human resources function, calculation and payment of salaries, as well as the management of the client’s infrastructure.
    Outsourced telemarketing helps to promote a product or a service. Our professional sales specialists will boost your business grow.

    Merchandising is a service that implements a set of trade marketing activities to promote customer’s product at points of sale.  

    Industrial Outsourcing is target based performing of specific tasks or functions to provide services on demand and integration of these solutions into the client’s operational processes. 
    This form of BPO covers different services and functions in administrative field. Call centre, supplier management, mailroom etc. 
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